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Το ReSound UniteTM Phone Clip σας δίνει ασύρματη σύνδεση μεταξύ του κινητού σας τηλεφώνου (με χρήση bluetooth) και του ακουστικού βαρηκοίας σας.


The ReSound UniteTM Phone Clip is extremely easy to use:

Works with any Bluetooth?-enabled phone
Size of a matchbox and clips on to clothing or a car’s sun visor
The phone can be left in a bag or pocket during use
Clear and easy-to-understand sound with no whistling
Easy to recharge on computer USB outlet or wall plug (cables included)
6 hours of talk time, 200 hours of standby time
Answer and end calls at the push of button
Easy-to-use volume control


Hearing aids
ReSound UniteTM Phone Clip is compatible with the newest and most advanced hearing aid from ReSound: ReSound Alera

Mobile Phones
ReSound UniteTM Phone clip is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones.

For information on how to pair your ReSound AleraTM hearing aid and your ReSound UniteTM Phone Clip with your mobile phone visit the world largest bluetooth headset manufacturer Jabra's website.
Click here to visit the Jabra website

Dimensions 60 x 32 x 14 mm
Weight in grams 20
Power supply / Battery Built- in rechargeable battery
6 h talk time
200h standby time
Power connection Mini USB
Audio interfaces Bluetooth? phone
Audio quality Mono 20 kHz sample frq.
Audio bandwidth 10 kHz
Wireless streaming frequency 2.4 GHz
Audio streaming range Bluetooth: 10 meters
Ear 1 meter
Audio streaming latency Bluetooth standard + 20 ms

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